Welcome to the Nicholas Roerich virtual museum! The museum contains pictures of more than 200 paintings created by Russian artist Nicholas Roerich in the first half of the 20th century. More information about Nicholas Roerich can be found at www.roerich.org.

When you click on the "Enter the museum" link below, you will be shown a random painting from the gallery. You can then simply walk through the whole gallery by clicking buttons with "left" and "right" arrows in the bottom of the screen. Paintings are sorted alphabetically by default. A button with an "up" arrow leads you back to this welcome page. Three drop down menus in the upper right corner of the screen let you change the navigation pattern for the gallery. First menu changes the sorting order, second lets you choose subsets from the exhibition filtered by various parameters. E.g., if you sort paintings by date, you can then choose only those paintings, which were made in a year of your interest. The third menu lets you go directly to the desired painting. If the filtering rule is activated, then this box shows only those paintings, which satisfy the rule.

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